Film by Melanja Palitta  
Produced by BalansLaB - 2016

Camera Fabio Tulli underwater - Melanja Palitta
Music 1) The Dada Weatherman - Household Blues
2 - 3) JYOTISHMATI 432Hz Vocal and Piano Mantras
Matteo Giorgioni - Piano
Lisa Frassi - Vocal and Loopstation

Photographer Adolfo Maciocco
Freediver Davide Carrera
Dancer & freediver Marisa Cecchetti
Dancer on photo Diletta Antolini

Special thanks to
Manuel Caboni and all the staff of Leila Diving Center - Olbia - Sardinia
Paris Carr for the english translation
Theodora Voutsa Coaching

FILM 3 - NL Agency: PSI support in Peru, Kenya, Indonesia & The Netherlands

Post-production video editing for MakmendeMedia company

Nonna Mattia

Film by Melanja Palitta
Dedicated to my Family
Produced by BalansLaB 2013 | © 
Sound: Wouter Messchendorp

Bridging the Gaps

Post-production video editing for MakmendeMedia company

LIVE PIANO MEDITATIONS | with Christian Doepke

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VIDEO by Melanja Palitta
SOUND EDITING by Enrico Coromines 

The Road Forward, short version.

Post-production video editing for MakmendeMedia company

What has 50 years of development aid brought Africa? A booming industry that shows little sign of meeting its arguably ultimate goal: working itself out of a job. What then, is the road forward for development? Aid veteran Thomas Dichter, takes us on a personal journey of discovery to investigate the working relationship between aid development donors and their local partners. Both humorous and chilling, his findings are certainly confronting.