The Road Forward, short version.

Post-production video editing for MakmendeMedia company

What has 50 years of development aid brought Africa? A booming industry that shows little sign of meeting its arguably ultimate goal: working itself out of a job. What then, is the road forward for development? Aid veteran Thomas Dichter, takes us on a personal journey of discovery to investigate the working relationship between aid development donors and their local partners. Both humorous and chilling, his findings are certainly confronting.


Film by Melanja Palitta  
Produced by BalansLaB - 2016

Camera Fabio Tulli underwater - Melanja Palitta
Music 1) The Dada Weatherman - Household Blues
2 - 3) JYOTISHMATI 432Hz Vocal and Piano Mantras
Matteo Giorgioni - Piano
Lisa Frassi - Vocal and Loopstation

Photographer Adolfo Maciocco
Freediver Davide Carrera
Dancer & freediver Marisa Cecchetti
Dancer on photo Diletta Antolini

Special thanks to
Manuel Caboni and all the staff of Leila Diving Center - Olbia - Sardinia
Paris Carr for the english translation
Theodora Voutsa Coaching

FILM 3 - NL Agency: PSI support in Peru, Kenya, Indonesia & The Netherlands

Post-production video editing for MakmendeMedia company

Nonna Mattia

Film by Melanja Palitta
Dedicated to my Family
Produced by BalansLaB 2013 | © 
Sound: Wouter Messchendorp

Bridging the Gaps

Post-production video editing for MakmendeMedia company

LIVE PIANO MEDITATIONS | with Christian Doepke

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VIDEO by Melanja Palitta
SOUND EDITING by Enrico Coromines