What if

PRODOTTO DA: Coscienza Blu

DIRETTO DA: Melanja Palitta e Adolfo Maciocco

CAMERA: Fabio Tulli, Adolfo Maciocco e Melanja Palitta

MONTAGGIO:Melanja Palitta

AUTORE TESTI: Francesco Degortes - coautore Melanja Palitta

MUSICA: Simone Giacomini

MIXAGGIO SUONO: Wouter Messchendorp

VOCE FUORICAMPO: Marco Della Coletta



Davide Carrera, Leonardo Passariello, Maxim Campesi, Diego Campetti


Staff del Leila Diving di Manuel Caboni (Olbia)

Copy of The Road Forward, short version.

Post-production video editing for MakmendeMedia company

What has 50 years of development aid brought Africa? A booming industry that shows little sign of meeting its arguably ultimate goal: working itself out of a job. What then, is the road forward for development? Aid veteran Thomas Dichter, takes us on a personal journey of discovery to investigate the working relationship between aid development donors and their local partners. Both humorous and chilling, his findings are certainly confronting.